Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Off To Photograph

Today I am photographing the wedding of a childhood friend who I went to preschool with.

My friend waited until the age of 42 to marry his love. It is going to be a big Italian wedding, lots of wine and lots of cookies. I never drink at weddings but I will be sure to have a sip of the homemade “Dago” red wine before leaving. Will definitely be going home with cookies. Cookies are a serious thing at Italian weddings. The last friend's wedding that I shot, the groom's Mother, who looks like Dr. Ruth, pulled me aside and firmly told me “I only want two things: a photo of my three boys and a photo of the cookie table” and “get it right Johnny, I know your Mother”. She let go of my arm I delivered on the pics.

Do you remember that movie “My Cousin Vinny”? I think the day will be a lot like that minus the courtroom drama. Ok, not at all like that movie. If “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” had an Italian sequel, it would be like that. Either way he has found his Mona Lisa and she has found her man.

I cherish what I do: documenting a day of love. It amazes me that I get paid to photograph people on their wedding day. The idea that my work will live long past the lives of the couple gives me a feeling of awe. The photos that I take today will live on for future generations. I love that. Every snap of the shutter is important to me.

I have photographed friends and family many times over the years but nothing as special as this is to me. It has to do with the time he waited for love. This will be his first marriage at the age of 42. There is glory and honor in waiting that long. There will be many jokes about getting this man to the alter and why it took him soooo long to get there, most of the jokes will come from me...sorry about that, but you asked me to shoot your big day.

At his age (and mine to0) most of the friends that we grew up with are on their second marriage or hoping that their wife doesn't kick them out. Some people celebrate anniversaries. Me? I have a special day that comes once a year called “She hasn't kick me out yet day”, the day comes sometime in March but I always get the date wrong.

I kept a photo of my preschool class all these years. Their are 14 kids in the photo. In the second row on the far left their I sit next to my friend. Both of us sitting next to each other smiling, so much life in front of us. The photos make everything feel like it happened days ago, life moves fast, too fast.

Just yesterday my daughter completed preschool and here I sit thinking about my friend that I made in preschool.

The small circle of life and time...

I am off to photograph. Hope you have a great day.