Monday, January 24, 2011

Conversations & Theft

When is it enough? When is it time to quit sharing?

It all started off as a normal day. Coffee, Internet reading, photo-editing, research...then I came across this….(so badly do I want to insert a hyperlink here).

When conversation leads to theft.

I have shared openly here on this blog and within the photo community. I have taught, consulted and had general sit-downs with others to share ideas. "Create, connect and grow" is my business philosophy. It's not just a catch phrase for attention grabbing.

The ending thought to all my workshops is:
Photography is the easiest medium to master, but the hardest within to be noticed.

I am not even sure if I wrote that or if I ripped it off of somebody. I have been saying it for years and it ended up as a reoccurring theme in my blog and journals. I Googled the phase and it comes up nowhere so I assume that it is mine or at least not published. If I am wrong in my thinking please let me know. I will give credit and much thanks to the author.

It is hard to be original in photography. We are all chameleons of the images that came before us.

However, honesty in business should not be that hard of a stretch to pull off.

As of late I have been rambling on about how we have all turned the digital-cultural-commerce age into re-mixes of generations past.

Maybe this is true?

Hopefully we/I spend more time creating anew than in stealing the old from yesterday.

Create something new.
Be ethical.